Where do I see my data?

PopcornMetrics connects with several Marketing and Analytics products. You can user our Visual Editor to track user actions and connect with our many integrations.

These actions will be sent to the integrations you've connected. You can see the data sent in PopcornMetrics as well as on the integrations you've connected.

Where do I see the data sent in PopcornMetrics?

You can see the data sent in PopcornMetrics under the Table View and the Live Feed.

The Table View shows you the list of events tracked in PopcornMetrics and the number of events sent on the last 7 days. 

 You can debug if your events are firing correctly by checking them in the Live Feed. Just select Live from the Views toolbar and you'll see the events firing in Real-Time.


Where do I see the data sent in my destination tools?

We'll send the events to the Integrations you've connected in PopcornMetrics. You need to log in to your account on the destination tools and you'll see the events there. 

You can read how to send event to a specific tool here >>

For example, for Google Analytics we send the events with the following structure:

In PopcornMetrics you need to type an event name and you can optionally add properties to the event. The image below shows an example of an event in PopcornMetrics

The structure of the event in PopcornMetrics is:

- Event Name: Clicked on Add to Cart

- Properties: Quantity, Price and Product Name

In Google Analytics you'll receive the event with the following structure:

- Event Category: PopcornMetrics

- Event Action: Clicked on Add to Cart

- Event Label: Quantity: <value>, Price: <value>, Product Name: <value>

You can access the Events in Google Analytics under Real-Time > Events, or Behaviour > Events

 How to create Goals in Google Analytics from the events sent via PopcornMetrics >>

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