User identity - Create user profiles automatically

You can create user profiles automatically in several destination tools like mixpanel, KISSMetrics,,, Segment and Intercom.

In PopcornMetrics you can tag your Register/Sign up and your Login/Sign in forms to create users in such tools (This process is called user identity). 

Using user identity allows you to better segment your users, created targeted email notifications, create funnels, cohorts and much more. Without the usage of identity your destination tools will have a limited use. For tools like and Intercom, setting identity is a required step. 

Let's get started!!

How can you identify a user with PopcornMetrics?

It's super simple to identify users with PopcornMetrics. We allow you to create User Signup Events and User Login Events. You can also add properties with the events that will be appended to the user profile.

Let's start with an example: 

I'll use one of our awesome customers web app to demonstrate how can you apply User Identity. If you have any questions about how to apply to your own website, just drop me an email or use the comments below.

Note: The example used is from one of our customers - Visual Website Optimizer -

Create a User Signup Event

Load your website in PopcornMetrics and navigate to the Sign up form. The image below shows you the visual website optimizer website Signup form as a reference.


We are now going to tag the Create Account Submit button and select the option Add Event > User Signup Event

Once we select the User Signup Event we'll be able to collect the input fields to send as user properties to the selected tools. We'll ask you to select an identity field. It can be the Email, the Username or both. We'll need this so we can create an unique user id (which is encoded from the email field) in order to identify the user once he logs in later in your app.


Create a User Login Event

Next you'll need to tag the User Login form so we can identify the users. We'll follow the same procedure but this time we'll select Add Event > User Login event.

Once we select the User Login Event we'll ask you to select the identity field. It can be the Email or the Username. This field is required so we can match it with the identity field selected in the Signup Event.


Once you tag both the Signup form and the Login form, click Save and Publish and we'll start collecting your new users and identifying them in the destination tools selected. As an example, we'll show below you what you would see in mixpanel under the People section. 

Check out the Intergrations section in our help center to get further information about how to make use of identity


User profiles in Mixpanel

You can see the user profile data in the People section in Mixpanel. Using identity, all the events you have tagged with PopcornMetrics will be tied to the user who performed them. 


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