Send Default Page View ("page view") Events for Mixpanel

With PopcornMetrics you can automatically send a generic page view event to Mixpanel for every page visited.

Sendng page view events in Mixpanel is useful for creating funnels starting at the landing page or to understand how many times your most advocate users view your pages before signing up or buying a product from you. 

How to send Page View Events to Mixpanel:

To send Page View events to Mixpanel, you just need to turn on "Enable Page View Events" in the Mixpanel area of your integrations panel in Popcorn Metrics.



Once you turn on Page Views we'll send an event called "page view" and some page properties .

 You will see events in Mixpanel like this:


If you have identity set up (check our article about setting identity for mixpanel) these page views will be appended to the user who performed it.

 If you have any questions or if you need any help with Mixpanel, just drop us an email to




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