How PopcornMetrics sends events to integrations

PopcornMetrics allows you to track user actions on your website and send them to various destinations tools using our Visual Editor without depending on your IT to write custom code on your website / web application. PopcornMetrics supports, currently, the following actions:

  • Click Events
  • Form submits
  • Page View events
  • Identity: Create user profiles
  • Identity: Update user profiles

With your Click events, Form submits, Page View events and Identity you can also attach Properties.

To create events you just need to load your website on our Visual Editor and right click to add events. You can read the related article to understand how to track events in PopcornMetrics.

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How do Click events are sent to destination tools?

In PopcornMetrics you can add Click events with Properties to send to various destinations tools. 

The image below shows an example of an event in PopcornMetrics.

The structure of the event in PopcornMetrics is:

- Event Name: Clicked on Add to Cart

- Properties: Quantity, Price and Product Name

For example, for Google Analytics we send the events with the following structure:

- Event Category: PopcornMetrics

- Event Action: Clicked on Add to Cart

- Event Label: Quantity: <value>, Price: <value>, Product Name: <value>

You can access the Events in Google Analytics under Real-Time > Events, or Behaviour > Events


You can read how to send event to a specific tool here >>


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