Customer Analytics and the Adblocker Problem: Why a Percentage of Signups are missing from your Customer Analytics Tools Like Mixpanel, Kissmetrics And

Are you having this problem with signups that are nmissing from Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, and other customer analytics tools?

Probably you've double-checked your database signups against your users in Mixpanel or Kissmetrics and are missing 2-3% of the signups we have in the database?

In fact it's a common problem that we see, and there are a number of reasons for this, which can include network speed (for example people signing up on slow networks, or from mobile with a weak signal), but this is occuring increasingly with users who have opted out of Adblockers.
Why the Adblocker Problem is affecting Customer Analytics
The average use of Adblockers in US is around 8% and in some European countries around 20%.
What can you do about the Adblocker Problem?
We tend to advise that if you're less than 4% discrepancy it's probably not worth worrying too much, since you are generally looking for trends anyway.
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