Sending Page Properties with Events

By default we'll send the following page properties with events so you know what page a visitor was on when they performed an event action.

This is useful for segmenting events by UTM codes for customer acquisition, as well as sending emails to users with links back to the page they viewed.


Property Description Example   Maps to DOM Window Object


 Full URL of page visited    window.location.href
pm_site  Website visited    window.location.origin
pm_path  Path to page on website  /    window.location.pathname
pm_params   Query string of parameters, including UTM params  ?utm=xyz
pm_hash  Page # - this is often used with one page apps. #q=window+location     window.location.hash
pm_title The title of the page visited This captures the page <title> HTML element, which is also the text displayed in the brower tab for a given page.   document.title
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