Ecommerce Features - Product Images and Product Page Url Links

We've released new Ecommerce Features providing Product Image Links capture and Product Page Urls, so in Popcorn Metrics you can now grab the image URL and know what exactly what Product page the user was viewing.
This enables you to create and send powerful emails to your customers with images of products they viewed or added to cart basket.
Click Add Property and select any image on the page and we'll capture the link to the image, so you can add the image to your email.
capture ecommerce image thumbnails to add url links to your emails

By default we'll now send page details with each event, so you can add the page visited to your ecommerce emails.
You can use pm_url (if you want to include any original UTM params) or use pm_site + pm_path (to create a clean url)
Example Add to Cart on a Product Page:
For this browser url:
We would capture these properties:
pm_url    = 
pm_site   =
pm_path  =   /hombres/producto/18343/jean-slim-trock-brocken
pm_site + pm_path =
More info here:


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