How to test your facebook Pixel Events are firing using Facebook Pixel Helper (for Chrome browser)

When you are getting started with smart custom audiences in Facebook (like people who SCROLLED 50 PERCENT or were ACTIVE 30 SECONDS, it is common to wonder if your Facebook Pixel is no working.

This post will help you verify your Facebook Pixel events are firing OK.


How to CHECK YOUR WEBSITE using Facebook Pixel Helper


To check your site easily, we recommend the Facebook Pixel Helper chrome extension.

Let's check for an event called SCROLLED 50 PERCENT is correctly installed and firing OK (see image below)

To test, scroll at least half way down the page. Then open the Facebook Pixel Helper by clicking the icon on the browser toolbar.

Alternately you could open the Facebook Pixel Helper first, then scroll down the page. 

NOTE: This is fine for most events but NOT for time events, because when you click on the extension, Popcorn Metrics will decide you are not active the page and the timer will pause. 


You should then be able to select that event in your Facebook Custom Audiences.



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